Chimney Draught  Excluders

How much heat are you losing up your chimney? Chimneys are cleverly designed to draw air up and out of a building. If you’ve got the central heating on and the fire isn’t lit, all your precious warm air will disappear up the flue within an hour. Just put your hand in the flue and you’ll be astonished by how strong the chimney draught is. This escaping air needs to be replaced, so cold air is pulled in from under doors and round windows, creating the cold draughts we feel. 

We supply both chimney sheep and chimney balloons, if you are looking to stop the draught from a disused or redundant flue, the chimney balloon and the chimney sheep can be used along side a chimney capping cowl or a chimney cap for the best effect.  The fitting of a chimney balloon or a chimney sheep is a DIY job and only takes a couple of minutes to complete. The chimney sheep is fitted into the round flue. The chimney balloon is fitted just above the fire back on the smoke shelf.

When sizing for a chimney sheep or a balloon it is important to be able to comfortably reach the flue in the case of a sheep and when fitting a balloon that the balloon is big enough to fill the void.