n aerodyne  or aero antidown draught cowl for solid fuel. As wind from any direction passes through the cowl the unique venturi shaped surfaces cause a drop in air pressure, which draws smoke and fumes up the chimney for dispersal to the ouside athmosphere,this cowl is not suitable for gas fires.  The smart aerodyne chimney coVwl will fit most conventional chimney pots, it is suitable for use on solid fuel systems - logs, coal, peat


The Smart Vent (Aerodyne Brewer Cowl) prevents foreign bodies entering the chimney and is designed to increase updraught and reduce downdraught.

The closed upper surface of the terminal impedes the downward movement of wind which might otherwise create a down draught within the chimney. The curved shape of the four vertical walls behaves like an aerofoil which creates a negative pressure on the inner curved edge as wind passes over and through the terminal. This action creates a suction to increase the upward chimney draught.

  • Promotes positive updraught
  • Helps reduce downdraught
  • Prevents foreign bodies from entering chimneys
  • Fits most conventional chimney pots
  • Durable construction and easy to install
  • Manufactured from 1.2mm thick high grade aluminium alloy
  • Suitable for use on solid fuel systems - logs, coal, peat
  • Is not suitable for GAS.


Aerodyne Chimney Cowl


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