A rain cowl helps prolong the life of your chimney, it reduces moisture and water entering your chimney, and it also prevents bird and vermin intrusion. Overtime water entering your chimney will wear away the mortar joints cause Spalding of the flue (face of flue breaking away, this is caused freeze thaw action). This will ultimately lead to water ingression or dampness in the house and a breakdown in the integrity of the chimney flue. Older properities are more at risk.


This  rain cowl provides excellent rain, wind, bird and animal protection. Available in terracotta or cream (by special order)

  • Suitable for use with oil, and seasoned wood
  • Made from galvanised steel and powder coated terracotta
  • Includes stainless steel hose clip
  • Fits chimneys up to 275mm in diameter
  • Supplied fully assembled


The Rain Cowl is not to be used with smokeless fuel. It is recommended using the Stainless Steel Birdguard and Base when in use with more corrosive fuels such as smokeless fuel

Rain Cowl (MAD)