This replacement baffle is suitable for the Clearview Pioneer 400 stove and is made from 5mm thick steel and is designed to sit above the firebricks in your stove.  Replacing the Pioneer 400 baffle plate is extremely important if the existing baffle is damaged as continued use with a faulty baffle can cause damaged to the body of the stove.


The Clearview Pioneer baffle is designed to the sit at the roof of the stove and is designed to slow the flames down within the fire box.  Without a baffle the flames would be sucked up the stoves chimney which could damage the chimney and also damage the lid of the stove.  The Clearview Pioneer 400 baffle is a part that takes the most punishment and is an extremely important part of your stove.



Its really important that you check your Vision 500 baffle regularly to ensure its in good working order as using the stove with a warped or burnt through baffle can cause serious damage to your stove.

Clearview Pioneer 400 Baffle Plate


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