The Boru Stoves Doras Fire Door is a fire-front that can be retrofitted to most standard 16" or 18" open fireplaces. It is easy enough to install DIY and will make your fire more efficient. It will allow you to control the burn rate of your open fire and can be used in conjunction with an existing back boiler to increase its output. It features Airwash technology, which preheats and funnels the air down the glass window to help keep it clear. Boru Stoves are made in Ireland.


Not always availble ex-stock, allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.


  • Airwash system for cleaner glass
  • Suits most 16” or 18” openings
  • DIY installation
  • Use your existing fireback and grate
  • 68% Efficient
  • Makes the open fire controllable
  • Increases the output of a back boiler
  • Made in Ireland


*Airwash is the preheating of air and the funnelling of that air down the front of the glass. This ensures a clear view of the fire.


The Doras offers best results when fitted with an existing back boiler as it creates a chamber that increases the output to the water by decreasing the airflow being extracted from the room. It can also be fitted to a standard fireplace, however output to the room will not be increased but fuel consumption will be greatly decreased.

Doras Fire Door By Boru Stoves