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There is a large glass window on Heat Design stoves to ensure that the flames can be
viewed well. The airwash system keeps the glass clean. The glass is heat
resistant and durable, and will not crack even if the stove is over-fired (i.e.
heated to too high a temperature). The glass can be cleaned with a glass
cleaner – abrasive cleaners should not be used as they will scratch the glass,
and this will make it more difficult to clean the next time. Although the glass
will not crack from heat, it will crack if inappropriate fuels are burned, e.g.
domestic plastic sticking to the glass can damage it, as can burning wet logs
in an already hot stove.

Replacing the glass on your stove is relatively simple. Always wear
safety gloves when handling glass to protect against injury. Once the damaged
glass has been removed, thoroughly clean the area to remove dirt and dust that
may have built up over time before fitting with the new stove glass.

Green Stove Stove Glass