Parts for insert stoves will be marked as insert


We supply spare parts for greeen Goves by Heat Design- A Baffle Plate, also known as a Top Plate or Throat Plate is a metal plate that
sits inside the stove over the firebox. This plate blocks off the direct exit
to the chimney which means that the hot flue gases have to travel further
before they get out of the stove. This means that there is more time for the flue
gases to be mixed with air and fully combust in the firebox and more heat can
be transferred from the firebox to the stove and/or water in the boiler. This
makes the stove more efficient, and increases its heat output. It also has a
protective function, keeping heat from directly impacting the inside of the

Once a month, when the stove is cold, the baffle needs to be removed and cleaned to
remove ash and soot. Removing the baffle also allows access so the chimney or
flueway can be swept through the stove. Both the chimney and the flue need to
be swept at least once a year. Exposure to extreme heat
deteriorates baffle plates, requiring them to be removed and replaced

Green Stoves Baffle Plate