Easily fitted purpose designed Strong Reinforced Polypropylene Elevators which enable the addition of at least 180mm (7") of roof space insulation and the subsequent fitting of a walkable floor.


Most houses are constructed so that roof trusses or joints are located about 400mm (16″) apart. As shown above, LoftLifters should be positioned on the trusses at intervals of 600mm (2") so that they can then adequately support flooring materials subsequently secured to them.


  1 box of 12 LoftLifters 2 boxes of 12 LoftLifters 3 boxes of 12 LoftLifters
Support Area 1.2 m2 2.4 m2 3.6 m2

When used with the 1200mm x 330mm flooring boards


Available in boxes of 12, these LoftLifter legs when used on rafters at 400mm (16") centres, will permit the laying of at least 1.22 metres of flooring.

Loft Lifter- Strong Reinforced Polypropylene Attic Floor Elevators


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