This professional chainsaws are suitable for heavy duty sawing and features a long 20 inch bar or 16 inch bar . The bar is wrapped with a high quality Oregon chain, and you can opt to include a spare chain to keep you going for longer before having to order another. Alternatively we also have a kit available with an easy to use chainsaw sharpener with full instructions included.

The engine in the saw is a 2-stroke type with a displacement of 50cc or 45cc in the case of the 16 inch, which is easy to run and maintain as well as being lightweight making the machine easy to handle at under 7kg. The engine features a Walbro carburettor which are the industry leaders in fuel system components. Whichever option you choose, they all come with a safety accessory kit including face shield, work gloves and ear plugs, but depending on application, we would also recommend ordering chainsaw trousers and/or a chainsaw jacket.


  • Industry leading Oregon chain.
  • Opt to add extra chain and chainsaw sharpener.
  • Easy to maintain 50cc 2-stroke engine.
  • Very reliable Walbro manufactured carburettor.
  • Lightweight construction making it easy to handle.
  • Long 20 inch bar.

Pro Plus Petrol Chainsaw