PushFit Smart Capping Cowl - Chimney terminal cap

Smart Capping has been designed for chimney pots with an 8 inch (200mm) internal diameter, without the need to take into consideration the external diameter (various decorative chimney pots) and can be easily secured to the top of a masonry chimney which is no longer to be used. It is designed for chimneys which are no longer in use. A narrow gap is left between the cap and the top of the chimney pot or liner to enable trickle ventilation of the flue which is necessary to prevent residual moisture in the stack creating damp problems. The gap is sufficiently narrow to prevent the entry of bats and small birds.

  •  Available in 2 cap sizes: 350mm and 260mm
  •  Made from corrosion proof stainless steel
  •  Fits chimney pots (decorative or otherwise) with an 8" internal diameter
  •  Prevents foreign bodies from entering chimneys
  •  Reduces heat loss through the chimney by up to 80%;
  •  Eliminates rain ingress.

PushFit Smart Capping Cowl - Chimney terminal cap 260mm


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