martFan Mini, as it`s name suggest is a smaller version of the SmartFan which works on the same principle. Both fans share the following characteristics.

  •  No external power source required
  •  Safe, silent and without running costs
  •  Effectively propels warm air into the living area
  •  Maximum temperature: 330°C
  •  Promotes efficient fuel consumption
  •  1 year guarantee
  •  2 years extended warranty.


Making the most of a solid fuel or wood burning stove

Heated currents of air naturally ascend. Due to this, a solid fuel stove generally creates a small envelope of heat in it`s immediate surrounding area. This effectively means that to heat the living area of a room, it is necessary to use a quantity of solid fuel that is relative to it`s lenght, width and height. The SmartFan effectively provides direction for this heated air and allows for greater fuel economies than a solid fuel stove acting alone. The SmartFan, when placed on top of a lighted stove or hot plate automatically starts and creates two gentle convection currents. As a direct result, warm air is, without creating a draught, propelled into the living area and the room heats up much more quickly. The greater the heat output of the appliance, the greater the speed of the fan blades and consequently the greater the circulation of warm air. Conversely, as the surface temperature cools down, so too does the speed of the blades and the warm air circulation. Just as it starts automatically, it also stops automatically and in both cases, gradually. The motor themselves are very low torque, which allows the fan blades to be easily stopped and do not present a safety hazard.

SmartFan Mini- Heat Powered Stove Fan


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