When should a spinning chimney cowl be used?


A spinning chimney cowl is designed to combat chimney down draughts caused by wind. A spinning chimney cowl works on the principle that the chimney cowl is  wind driven, therefore  pulling air and smoke upwards solving your chimney down draught problem. When the wind blows, the cowl catches the wind and the ball rotates. This rotating action prevents the wind from blowing down the chimney stack.

Revolving chimney cowls will also act as a barrier to rain, leaves and birds and other vermin. The main function of a spinning chimney cowl  is to cure chimney downdraughts. Do not expect them to solve other draught issues ( a cold bbreeze coming down the chimney when  the open fire is not in use.) with your chimney. Your chimney needs to have a proper air supply and the flue and fire box should be properly sized.


The MAD spinner cowl benefits from the following:

  • Fits flue sizes up to 275mm outside diameter
  • Withstands temperatures up to 200ºC
  • Sold complete with a stainless steel strap fixings
  • Has a test certificate to BSEN 1856-1: 2003
  • Highly effective in preventing downdraught and increasing ventilation
  • Height 320mm – Width 300mm
  • Withstands wind speeds up to 65mph
  • Suitable for use with seasoned wood,  normal coal, gas

When used with seasoned wood, coal or oil your spinning/revolving chimney cowl will need to removed each year and cleaned. All spinning cowls unless used with gas will inevitably suffer debris build up, this debris will need to be removed to ensure the product keeps spinning.

Spinning Chimney Cowl (MAD)


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