The Super C Electric Fan Cowl / Ventilator will solve the most severe of downdraughts, ventilate (constantly if necessary) chimney shafts or any shaft serving any appliance, by expelling fumes, stale air and exhausts etc.
•However, the Super C’s main purpose is to create a proper up draught in a chimney where there is a lack of draught or where the draught is inadequate
•Therefore, this cowl can be used in situations of venting fireplaces, solid fuel stoves, oil / gas boilers, kitchen hoods and various other appliances.
•The Super C Electric Fan Cowl / Ventilator has been tested in numerous and varied weather conditions & in all cases has proved successful.
•This cowl is of such quality that we believe it is on a par with the equivalent Exhausto cowl. However, the price of our cowl is much more competitive.
•The Super C Electric Fan Cowl / Ventilator incorporates a 230 volt economical yet durable motor that is shielded from the heat and exhaust fumes.
•This cowl will suit shaft sizes ranging from 5 inches in diameter (125mm) to 9 inches in diameter (230mm).
•If this cowl is used to create an updraught in an open fireplace, the fireplace opening dimensions cannot exceed 24 inches (610mm) wide and 26 inches (660mm) high.
•For larger openings, some adjustments or alterations to the opening may be necessary. We will be happy to advise.
•With a diameter of 13 ¼ inches ( 336mm) and a height of 9 ¾ inches (247mm), when installed on a chimney, the Super C is small, neat & scarcely visible from the ground.
•We are so confident in our product that we offer a 1 year guarantee against any defect in workmanship or materials.

•The Super C should not be fitted on a chimney that is less than 18 feet (5.5m) in length when burning solid fuels.

How to Install
•The Super C can be fitted to a solid construction chimney or a prefabricated chimney (adapter needed)
•The top pot needs to be removed so that there is nothing protruding above the chimney capping.
•The cowl is placed over opening. Three holes are marked, drilled and plugged.
•A cushion ring of silicone is placed around the base of the cowl. This is to prevent any contact with the stack and to ensure suction is from the chimney. The cowl is again placed over opening and is screwed down lightly.
•Cowl should now be connected to the main electricity supply.
•Full fitting instructions are supplied with each cowl.

Super C Electric Chimney Fan Cowl


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