As the name suggests, the Draftbooster eliminates the difficulties people sometimes face in attempting to light a stove that suffers from a lack of draw. The Draftbooster provides the necessary draught, making the stove lighting process a cinch whilst reducing the amount of smoke and odours in the room.


The Draftbooster can be used on both brick and steel chimneys with a maximum internal diameter of 220mm. The Draftbooster is therefore predominantly designed for use on wood-burning stoves with lined chimneys. It can be plugged into a standard power socket with earth connection and switched on by remote control which is included. 


The Draftbooster comes with the following great benefits:

  • Adjustable fixings. The Draftbooster will fit both brick and steel chimneys with a maximum internal diameter of 220mm.
  • Less smoke spillage. The Draftbooster draws smoke up and away, minimising soot and smoke in the room.
  • Better combustion and faster heating. The Draftbooster provides better and cleaner combustion meaning the room warms up quicker.
  • Plug and play. The Draftbooster is easily installed and is the first 'plug and play' chimney fan worldwide.
  • Works up to 250 degrees celsius just below the chimney fan.
  • Can be used with woodburning stoves / fireplace inserts with a rated output of 2 to max 8 (KW)
  • All sheet parts are made of stainless steel EN1.4301/AISI304
  • Developed according to requirements in PrEN16475-2 (Chimney Fans)

The Draftbooster (Electric Chimney Cowl)